The Guitar Speedle is a gadget designed to guide guitar strings through the guitar body. Inserting it into the front of the guitar allows the string to be inserted into the back with no resistance or issues with string-though style guitar bodies. Throw one of these in your guitar kit, along with your other tools, and you’ll be ready for any event!!

“Like most ingenious and simple inventions, it’s hard to believe that the Guitar Speedle hasn’t always existed.”

 – Vincent Giglio from jam band Thing From The Woods

Live Shows

You hear the roar of the crowd. Curtain rises in 1 minute. You are ready to give the best concert you have in your entire life. Ready to shred better than Randy Rhodes on the Tribute Album (RIP, man). All the sudden SPRANG, your high E string pops. Thank the metal gods you have your handy Guitar Speedle. This makes changing that string tons easier and saves you a lot of time. When your band is counting on you, those moments are precious.

Guitar Tech

Imagine you work at a sweet guitar store and your job is to tune up dozens of guitars every day. While this job is probably one of the best jobs on the planet, you have the task of changing loads of guitar strings which can be tedious and time consuming. Having the Guitar Speedle in hand shaves a bunch of time off your duty and leaves more time to play on all those beauties.

Hobby Playing

Whether you are new to guitar or you have been playing for a million billion years, the Guitar Speedle is an essential must have for anyone’s tool kit. When you want to play now and don’t want to spend a lot of time changing your strings this tool is the go-to. Even kinked or bent-ended strings are no match for the Guitar Speedle.

How to use the Guitar Speedle

Step 1:
From the front of the guitar, insert the needle end of the Speedle into the ferrule/saddle.

Step 2:
From the back of the guitar, insert the string into the Speedle and push through until it appears at the front of the guitar.

Step 3:
From the front of the guitar, extract the string and remove the Speedle.

Step 4:
Finish stringing as usual.

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